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Royal Wedding In Rajasthan

In Recent Years, There Have Been Increasing Cases Of Visitors Coming Back To Rajasthan To Get Married. Nowhere Else Is A Marriage As Likely To Be More Romantic Or Majestic. It Is An Occasion When The Bride And Groom Truly Think Themselves Royal However, Even Attending A Marriage Dates Are Set According To Planetary Considerations, And Auspicious Dates Are Usually Between May-July And November-February.  Should A Visitor Have The Occasion To Attend A Wedding, It Is A Chance That Should Not Be Lightly Discarded. The Bride’s Family Is Responsible For The Hospitality, And To Ensure It Is Not Lacking, They Take Great Effort To Look After Their Guests. you may ask for Wedding Location.

Khimsar Fort Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur Zanana Mahal, Udaipur
Khimsar Fort, Khimsar Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur Zanana Mahal, Udaipur

Day : 01 :
Arrival At The airport, transfer by hotel: guest are received; a grand welcome is accorded at the airport with a band and welcome drinks. Smooth check in to hotels of all guests; Pre-ArrRajput Weddingival prepration of baggage-tags with room numbers. A welcome drink is served to the guest in the room or reception areas (as per the preference of the organizers).
A royal welcome is organized at the hotels; shehnai players create at royal wedding mood. Each guest is individually escorted to their well-appointed room. An activity brochure of the royal wedding informs about the details of events. Lunch for all the guests is organized at the heritage hotel courtyard.

All the ceremonies of the marriage starts with vandna of lord ganesh. According to Hindu mythology lord ganesh is the only god who has to be remembered first and the foremost before starting any holy work and then lord ganesh accomplishes all the works in a wonderful manner.
As the evening approaches, the guests prepare for the Mehndi { heena } night and the excitement grows. Rangoli with flowers is done at the entrance of the hotel fairy lights are thrown over shrubs and mashaals are lit up. Artists perform the welcome Rajasthani dance. As the evening progresses, the tempo of dance and music increases and the guests join in, to enjoy and celebrate dinner is announced at the appointed hour.
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Day : 02 :
After the previous night’s excitement, it is another day of leisure and relaxation. Guests can avail all the facilities and also visit the city’s famous markets. Whereas the bride and the bride groom gets ready for.

Pithi DastoorThe pithi dastoor ceremony involves the bride/groom and continues until the day of the wedding. The actual ceremony consists of application of turmeric and sandal wood paste to the bride / groom who cannot leave the house once the pithi starts. The pithi dastoor at the bride’s house is an elaborate affair.
The bride dresses in an orange Rajasthani dress and is then brought under a silken canopy, which is held up with swords at four corners by four ladies who must belong to the same clan as the bride. She is brought to the ladies gathering, who then apply the paste to her. A similar ceremony takes place at the groom’s place as well, although it is not that elaborate. Lunch in traditional but royal Rajasthani manner is then served to the guests at the appointed hours. Then the guests can rest and relax for the fun and thrill of the evening. Before the ring ceremony and the exciting Sangeet sandhya there is a Mehandi ceremony.

Mehandi CeremonyIn Mehandi ceremony Mehandi is applied in hands and foots of both the bride and the groom in a beautiful manner which make the bride and the groom distinct from all others. Mehandi creates a royal wedding mood and make bride and groom feel like princess and prince. 
Then as the evening approaches everyone gets ready for ring ceremony which is accompanied with holy mantras. In it bride and groom insert rings into each others fingers and get half way married.
After the ring ceremony its time to have some fun with the thrilling Sangeet sandhya;.
Sangeet Sandhya
Sangeet sandhya is an integral part of every Rajasthani wedding. It is usually held in the evening, where both the bride and the groom gather at a central place in an enclosed countyard or Hall.
In dazzling dresses, our Rajasthani dancers perform the Ghoomar { a special dance done in a group }. The bride and the groom are given an important position to sit and watch the proceedings. The guests can join the dance with our dancers.
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Wedding in Rajasthan
The morning before the momentous evening is filled with preparations for the royal wedding. In the early evening, the gentlemen gather in the durbar hall for tying safas {traditional Indian headgear of long tie-and-day scarves}. The ladies get all the help from our ladies staff with their attire and designer-wear. All the gusts dressed up in formal attire assemble at the hotel, where a welcome drink is served. A royal procession begins to from and the excitement grows. The procession comprises of girls dressed in Rajasthani atture sprinkling rose petals and attar { rose water} in the front, followed by dhol / nagada { traditional drums used for all the auspicious occasions}.

The guests follow a magnificently decorated horse bearing the bridegroom, while liveried men with lances line up the entire length of the procession route with mashaals in their hands. A traditional welcome is organized with a shower of rose buds and flowers. A welcome drink is served. The palace is gloriously decorated; lit by lanterns, mashaals and fairy lights adding a bewitching aura of festivity. The ’Darikhana’ a colonnaded pavilion, is flower-decked for the wedding ritual with traditional floor seating. In this manner they reach the place of wedding where the bride and her guests with Aarti, showering petals & rose water welcome them. The groom then perform toran ka dastoor a traditional ceremony.
Then the ceremony of war-mala is performed in which the bride and the groom put garlands in each other’s neck.
Then the pheras are done in which the bride and the groom revolve round the fire 7 time. In this way they make the sacred fire a evidence of there marriage.

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However At The Time Of The Bidai, A Coconut Is Placed Under The Wheel Of The Car Before The Bride Lifts Her Veil For The Husband After The Wedding. At This Stage, The Groom Usually Gives A Piece Of Jewelry To His Bride. The Guests Prepare To Leave With Fond Memories Of The Royal Wedding In Rajasthan And Ganesham Hospitality. Staff Ensures That The Coaches / Cars Are Ready To Transfer Them To The Airport And Railway Station.
All Ticketing And Logistics Are Handled By Ganesham. The Guests Can Use The Day For Shopping And Sightseeing Etc. The Bride And Groom Can Play Traditional Games also.

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